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CBMB2203, 2022, hanji leather & wood buttons, 28x12x67cm.jpg
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The POETICRAFT series builds geometry of textiles by mixing simplicity, warmth, and flexibility of the natural properties from various materials such as fabric, leather, and metal. The poetic object is completed with accessories connecting each of these forms. It expresses coexistence of the poetic sensibility of nature with the unified structure of our lives. Moreover, each set is intended to be seen as an organic and natural structure. 

Rain Palette


Rain Palette aims to provide an easy and poetic approach to visualising air quality through rainwater.


The works I have developed are dyed with natural dye that will change colour in reaction to the pH levels of rainwater. This project aims to provide an at-a-glance indication of atmospheric air quality, with the potential for wearers to record and upload rain pH readings online to create a global database of real-time environmental data.



- Textile Print design for Gayeon Lee SS 15 , 2014

- Group project with MIT Media Lab, 2011




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